The Benefits Of Introducing Mental Health Education To Schools

Mental health is a highly stigmatized and taboo topic in the modern world. Sadly, progress of the acceptance of mental health has been less than significant, over the years, since the discovery that mental issues are a separate category of care and medical needs from physical issues. Those who view mental health as a derogatory concern fail to identify the significance and crippling effects that such issues left untreated may result in. Those that suffer from such mental health issues either deny its existence, seek other unproven ways to fix them, or are simply too afraid to come forward to seek the help that they need due to fear of being labelled an outcast or being labelled for their mental illness and losing their identity.

Why mental health education should be introduced into schools

Mental health is as significant, if not more significant, as physical health. In fact, a strong and healthy mind can directly affect physical health and wellbeing, and more often than not, serious physical ailments can be recovered from due to a patient having a strong and determined mind. The adolescent and young adult years of a child’s life is confusing and subjected to many anomalies. Mental health issues, if dormant, usually arise during the adolescent and teenage years. Most teenagers are already going through a confusing growth and change process, and are coming into their own, and as such, will not be able to identify and mental health concerns, and parents and adults themselves would simply brush it off as “a phase” or norm due to adolescent changes. Due to these reasons, mental health education is highly important. Especially for ailments such as depression and anxiety disorders, it could be the turning point in saving someone’s life.

Benefits of mental health education

Educating young children in school about the significance and different aspects of mental health would put them at ease in discussing such topics without fear of stigmatization. This de-stigmatization will also enable those with mental health concerns to seek out help, and for this purpose, school counselling services can be introduced to assist them. This crucial step forward would results in lower suicide rates of teenagers, often seen due to depression and anxiety issues that have been exacerbated by emotional trauma. Visit this link for more details on counselling services in Gold Coast.

This important step forward would also allow parents themselves to take an interest in understanding mental health, and would introduce conversation and awareness regarding mental health issues and how to treat them. This would undoubtedly be an empowering step forward for those who desperately need help but are too afraid to seek out such help.