Smoking And Babies

Everyone in their right mind on this planet knows that smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your health. There are so many complications caused by smoking which includes the big C word; cancer. When you are pregnant or have a small baby around who is passive smoking or whom you share a room with, the probable nightmares only get worse. This is true even if you are only passive smoking.

First and foremost, if you trying to get pregnant and you are still smoking, that is not a successful combo. Smoking makes it real hard for you to conceive. And when you do finally get pregnant after all those days of waiting, if you still keep on smoking in to your pregnancy, you are at a much higher risk of miscarriages than an average pregnant mom. It can also cause problems with your placenta, putting your life and that of your baby’s in danger. The placenta is what supplies yur baby with oxygen and all necessary nutrient; it is there life line. Smoking can cause premature separation of the placenta form the wall of the womb, causing bleeding, which is potentially life threatening to both mom and baby.

When it comes to giving birth, smoking can cause premature birth, which usually comes along with a bagful of problems, and weeks and months of hospital stays for the little ones who are actually lucky enough to survive it. It may also cause low birth weight, which in turn can cause many illnesses and hinder the typical development of a baby. The babies born to smoking moms are more likely to have birth defects like cleft lip.

You can’t quit smoking while you are pregnant, and start with it again after you give birth. Smoking during and after pregnancy, the baby passive smoking, or eve your partner smoking on a regular basis and sharing the room with a baby markedly increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SID). SID is the ultimate nightmare of any parent with a tiny baby. No one knows why exactly this occurs, but studies have shown risk factors and smoking usually is among the risk factors that top the list.

If you are pregnant, or trying to conceive or are a mother you must stop smoking; if not for your sake, for the sake of your innocent child. Try to sharpen your will power, set goals for yourself, and quit smoking, at least with baby steps. Talk to your doctor, if you need advice, if you think you can’t do it on your own, get the help of a wellness coach in Sydney.

Your wellness coach will help your identify and deal with your personal triggers for tobacco, and will also help you come up with an effective smoke-quitting plan. There are numerous ways that you can use to help yourself in this process.

There are so many benefits of quitting smoking. Way too manty to name. You unborn baby starts getting better oxygen from the day you put the cigarette away. Your new born is less likely to develop asthma or ear infections, are at lower risk for SIDs than they were before. Your body will start healing, and you are less likely to develop heart diseases and other diseases that prolonged smoking causes. Your home and you will smell better. You will be able to taste food better. The change has to start today, not tomorrow.