How You As A Parent Can Prepare For Family Mediation

Developing a parenting plan that is mutually acceptable for both parents can be difficult especially if both are divorced or not married. Getting help from a workplace mediation in Perth is one solution to this problem. Here are some ways in which you can prepare yourself in order to move the process along smoothly.

Have an open mind

You might have a plan in which you think is the best way to raise your child. But having this mind set will not give you any result. In order for this type of family dispute resolution to work both parties need to have an open mind and be open to negotiation and accepting to follow and adapt to something the other person is saying.

Do your homework

Be prepared with things you want to talk to about. Think about the things that you would like to change and write down the proposal you can offer in order to cater to the wishes of the other party and yours.

Cater to your children

What your child need is different from what the parents need or think they need. As the parents you need to be sure that you understand your child’s needs and focus on them. When parents are looking for family dispute resolution services in Perth this is the most important fact to keep in mind. Your child will need to spend time with both parents this is the key thing to keep in mind. Figure out before hand about what types of schedules your child will be comfortable with. Your needs are not what is import. A child can easily be damaged by your wrong decisions and actions therefore always cater to your child.

Not the time for judgment

Keep in mind that this is not the place to focus on the other parent. The process is not going to work is the session breakdown into arguments because both are focusing on the issues and flaws of each other. Basically you cannot allow “he said – she said” issues to occur .Acknowledge each others strengths. This is a good way to resolve conflicts.

In addition to this when you go to the session remember to take your day planner and an proposal for a time-sharing plan, calendar which school holidays, work schedules and the child’s extra activities like spots or music classes an concerts, have a flexible business like attitude and do not let your emotion have control over you. Keep a positive attitude between each other this will help to smooth the process.